Our philosophy

Thinking about your harvest

Probiotic control is a key factor for sustainable agriculture.

Sustainability requires a shift in societal consciousness, as well as an agronomic transformation, we feel cultivation can inspire that shift.

With the legalization of cannabis for medical use new challenges for growers appeared. The fungicides and fertilizers used in traditional agriculture contain chemical elements that are harmful to plants and end up affecting consumers. Invalidating to a large extent the benefits that the plant contains.

On the other hand, Cannabis plants that have suffered from diseases such as Botrytis, and which nevertheless continue to the market for consumption, can cause a serious respiratory problems in users.

At Econabis we celebrate the wisdom of nature and the good will of cultivators, that is why we worked to create the ideal formula that allows the development of the plant, protecting it from diseases in a clean way. What is good for the plant is good for the grower and for the user.

We are a company dedicated to the promotion and commercialization of organic products for a sustainable agriculture, providing a timely service with efficient and effective solutions with products of quality and fair price that satisfy the needs of our customers.