Gallon Spray

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Intended for spraying of the leaves,  branches and stems of the plant and its  surroundings.  In presentations of 35oz. / 1 Gallon / 1.5 gallon. * 70 oz. To 2 gallons cover up to 1  thousand sqmt. Monthly. sprayed by means of a sprayer/fogger or  by means of one of our devices designed for this purpose (ENS -1000, 1200, 1800).

Benefits provided by Econabis Spray to  your crops:

1.Restores the ecological balance.

2.Improves the cleanliness of the  greenhouse environment and maintains it.

3.Prevents and controls pathogenic  diseases (Mildew, Botrytis).

4.Organic and respectful of the environment.

5.Accelerates plants’ growth.

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