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Benefits OF Using ECONABIS SOLUTION on your crops:

Invigorating the roots’ development, Restoring ecological balance to the soil and roots, Enhancing clean greenhouse environment, Preventing  and controlling  of “Mildew” and “Botrytis”, Organic and environmentally friendly, Stronger Cannabinoids and Terpenes, Fast growth.



Intended for irrigation of roots and  soil in which the plant grows in. Usually 70oz. per cube (1000 liters)  is used on soil and 1-2 times a  week.

Benefits provided by Econabis  Solution to your crops.

1.Invigorating the roots’ development.

2.Restoring ecological balance to the soil
and roots.

3.Enhancing clean greenhouse environment.

4.Preventing and controlling of “Mildew” and “Botrytis”.

5.Organic and environmentally  friendly.

6.Stronger Cannabinoids and Terpenes.

7.Fast growth.

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